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Volksbank-im-Wesertal Cup: TSV Kirchbrak finishes fourth – my fan curve

Sunday, January 08, 2023 at 7:41 PM

Volksbank-im-Wesertal Cup: TSV Kirchbrak is fourth Volksbank-im-Wesertal Cup: TSV Kirchbrak is fourth

Volksbank-im-Wesertal Cup: TSV Kirchbrak goes down

Team 1:
1. FC Wunstorf

Salt inhibition village (mm). The two-day Volksbank-im-Westral-Cup of SV Blau-Weiss Sales-Inhebeturdorf came to a close on Sunday afternoon, with the home side claiming a 2-0 victory over SSG Halvestorff-Herkendorf. While two good performances were no longer enough for MTSV Eschershausen to reach the quarter-finals, TSV Kirchbrak unfortunately fell short in the semi-finals in a penalty shootout against eventual championship winners from SalzInhibitororf.

In Group A, MTSV Eschershausen, who managed to get only one point out of the first three group matches on the first day of the tournament, tried to reach the quarter-finals with a slightly different line-up. Rabstadt also took a 1-0 lead against SSG Halvestorf-Herkendorf thanks to a long-range strike from Sverre Bost, but in the end it was only enough to draw 1-1 against the district league side. Since WTW Wallensen won its team game against the representatives from SalzInhibitororf, MTSV was already disqualified before the direct duel with WTW Wallensen. Raabestadt won the last group match 4: 3 thanks to goals from Michael Müller, Safir Post and Fouad Kazan (2).


1. SSG Halfstorff-Herkendorf 15: 3 goals, 11 points

2. TSV Grohnde 10:11 goals, 7 points

3. SV Blau Weiss Sales Inhabitorworf 2 8:12 goals, 7 points

4. WTW Wallensen 14:16 goals, 6 points

5. MTSV Eschershausen 8:10 goals 5 points

6. TB Heiligefeld 6: 9 goals, 4 points

In Group B, TSV Kirchbrak made a good start to the tournament with two wins from three matches and was already on its way to the quarter-finals after the first day of the tournament. A quarter-final ticket was bought with a 1-0 win over TSV Bisperode, where TSV coach Heiko Schroer used to play in goal. Fabian Deutz scored from an indirect free kick. It was followed by a 5-0 victory over bottom club SV Azadi Hameln II. Timo Beyer, Fabian Doetz, Robin Busse, Paul Burkert and Finn-Marten Busse all succeeded at TSV Kirchbrak.


1. SV Blaue-Weiss Salz – Inhabitorworf 19: 6 goals, 12 points

2. TSV Kirchbrak 13: 4 goals, 12 points

3. SSV Elze 22:14, 7 points

4. TSV Bisperode 9: 9 goals, 7 points

5. SG Coppenbrügge / Marienau 9:10 goals, 6 points

6. SV Azadi Hameln 2 0:29 goal 0 points

Second in Group B, TSV Kirchbrak met SV Blau-Weiss SalzInhibitororf II in the quarter-finals, which finished third in Group A. Richard Kramer made it 1-0 with a long-range shot. In the last minute, Ruben Bossy also managed to make it 2-0 with a long-range shot, which secured a ticket to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, there was a direct duel with the former goalkeeper of the team Niklas Meyer, who is known for keeping the goal of the club SV Blau-Weiss Salz Inhabitorurf in the domestic league. In this match, the hosts took a 1-0 lead through Kirchbraker’s own goal. Kirchbruck equalized this score with a goal from Finn Martin Bossy. Sebastian Reinhardt punished an error in complementary play at SalzInhibitororr, whose shot was deflected but found its way to the goal, making it 1: 2. In the last seconds, the district league managed to equalize 2: 2. Thus, entry to the final had to be decided by a penalty shootout. Here, SalzInhibitororfer had two safe shooters, and Niklas Meyer was able to dodge two out of three Kirchbraker nine meters, so that Kirchbrak dreamed of the final blast.

In the match for third place, TSV Kirchbrak met SSV Elze. This was played on penalties. This time too, two Kirchbraker players were absent, so that Heiko Schröer’s team lost 1:2 to SSV Elze and finished fourth in the final.

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