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Voice of Germany: Chaos over Sophie Frey’s entry into the final

Voting chaos in ‘Voice of Germany’

Total chaos spoils the Swiss in the final

Swiss nominee “The Voice of Germany” Sophie Frey felt she was in the wrong movie in the semi-finals. Due to a technical error, they had to be prevented from entering the final.


Instead, Tamu Forster (right) made it to the final.

It’s the horror scenario in the live broadcast! On Friday, the false results of the telephone vote in the semi-finals of the “Voice of Germany” program were announced. Just before midnight, 17-year-old Sophie Fry from Iglesau was still thrilled to have entered the final with an impressive score of more than 50 percent of TV viewers’ votes. But the big shock came soon after.

The notary entered the stage and declared: “An error has occurred. (…]The drawings were flawed. The result is different.” Instead, German Tamu Forster (19 years old) finally reached the final.