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"Voice of Germany": a candidate that violates the values

“Voice of Germany”: a candidate that violates the values

The Voice of Germany program had to expel a candidate for violating values. Here’s what trainer Sarah Connor had to say about it.

The basics in brief

  • Candidate Anwar was fired.
  • The singer is said to have violated the show’s values.
  • This is how Sarah Connor commented on the matter.

The Voice of Germany wrote, “If you go back exactly with Sarah’s team tonight, you’ll quickly find out that Sarah’s team is a little smaller than it was at the end of the fights.” Instagram.

Anwar should not be part of the party anymore. When Anwar “Saturday 1”ProSieben“And audio production company Bildergarten has decided he can’t compete today,” the show declared. The exact cause was not revealed.

In the end it was only said: “We have to remove Anwar from the competition. why? In the course of the exercises, he repeatedly violated the values ​​that The Voice stands for: justice and respectful interaction with each other. ”

“Voice of Germany”: Das Saget Sarah Connorge

after this Mediator Lena Greke spoke about the singer’s dismissal, and coach Sarah Connor spoke.

“I am so sorry about this. I stand for anything but this culture of cancellation. The 41-year-old continued:

“I am with the inclusion. I think when someone treats others in a derogatory way, there are reasons. Which is why I’ve had so many intense discussions with my team over the past few days.”

Anwar himself is silent about the situation because, according to his own statement, he signed a contract, which means that he is not allowed to say anything at this time.

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