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Vladimir Putin warned the secret services about Navalny's funeral

Vladimir Putin warned the secret services about Navalny's funeral

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the funeral of opposition leader Alexei Navalny could have sparked a wave of protests. This is what internal information from the Kremlin suggests.

Navalny, who was a vocal critic of Putin, died in a concentration camp at the age of 47. On the day of his funeral, his supporters gathered in several Russian cities – despite tight security measures. At least 128 people were arrested.

It appears as if Putin personally guaranteed that his security forces would take strict measures. the reason?

He feared nothing more than images of crowds of Navalny's supporters demanding the end of his regime. This is what two Kremlin informants reported to the Russian newspaper “Moscow Times”.

According to them, Putin held several meetings with high-ranking agents of the Russian Intelligence Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Interior. These meetings caused unrest within the country's security elite.

Navalny's funeral was a “stress test” for the Russian authorities. A senior Russian official said: “This topic was one of the most important topics in the meeting with Kremlin officials, generals of the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Interior.”

Clearly, Putin was aware of what was at stake – and was afraid of it. Navalny's funeral could not have been just an opportunity for people to show their respect. But it could also be a potential trigger for nationwide protests against his government.