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Vladimir Putin is said to use three pairs

Vladimir Putin is said to use three pairs

Rumors about my husband Vladimir Putin have been around for a long time. The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence claims to have identified three double operations.


The basics in brief

  • According to the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Vladimir Putin has at least three husbands.
  • The couple had plastic surgery and they look a lot like him.
  • Differences can be seen in behavior and size from the real head of the Kremlin.

Does Vladimir Putin use doubles? for a long time will Speculated about potential doubles from 70 years old.

Now, the head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Kirillo Budanov, claims that the head of the Kremlin has three of them. They should help Putin lose control of Kremlin to cover up.

Do you suspect that Vladimir Putin is using doubles?

It’s not that hard Get to know your husband, Budanov told the Mail on Sunday. “We specifically know three people who keep showing up.” But how many there really are, “we don’t know.”

Vladimir Putin: Doppelganger “too boring”?

All three doubles have undergone plastic surgery and therefore look very similar to Vladimir Putin. However, movements and behavior in public places would expose them.

The head of the Kremlin must continue Perhaps he had a disagreement with one of his wives,Kremlin-Telegram channel «General SVR». At one point, he was “too restless” and acted “not typical of the original.”

According to Budanov, what makes the doubles more difficult is their size. “You can see it on videos and photos. As well as gestures, body language and earlobes.”

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