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Vladimir Putin is said to have missed his girlfriend's birthday

Vladimir Putin is said to have missed his girlfriend’s birthday

She was 39 and he is said to have not been there. According to a Kremlin insider, Vladimir Putin missed his beloved’s honor day.

The basics in brief

  • Alina Maratuna Kabaeva celebrated her 39th birthday on May 12.
  • It is said that Vladimir Putin was not involved in this.

Looks like someone’s mood is bad instead of enjoying their birthday!

According to the English “Sun”, Alina Maratuna Kabaeva, 69-year-old lover of Vladimir Putin, was not supposed to celebrate her happy birthday on May 12. Reason: The governor is said to have left the former professional gymnast alone on her honor day.

However, this is not without reason, it is said. Because it was said that Vladimir Putin underwent surgery the day after Alina’s Honor Day, according to Kremlin– From the inside.

As Telegram Channel General SVR reported that Putin met his girlfriend only on the afternoon of her birthday free gift I’ve sent. This is said to have “disturbed and disappointed” Alina.

It’s officially confirmed love Between Vladimir Putin and Alina Maratuna Kabaeva. The two are said to have four children who live with Alina in Switzerland.

Do you follow the fate of Vladimir Putin’s family in Switzerland?

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