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Vladimir Putin fears he will be assassinated

Vladimir Putin fears he will be assassinated

It seems that Vladimir Putin is afraid of becoming the victim of an assassination attempt. The head of the Kremlin protects himself with food tasters, bodyguards, and other measures.

The basics in brief

  • Kremlin President Vladimir Putin fears an assassination attempt.
  • The Russian took various precautions to protect himself.
  • It’s guarded 24/7 and even has tasters.

According to insider reports, Vladimir Putin suffers from various symptoms of paranoia and is therefore under round-the-clock surveillance. The British magazine “The Economist” reported, among other things, about bodyguards carrying bullet-proof bags and quick-fire pistols. Poutine doppelgangers are also said to have been used.

Other precautions: Food tasters! This is to prevent a poison attack. Jill Braggard, founder of the Chefs Club, explained this to the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. “There are still connoisseurs in many countries, but only in Kremlin will all Dish from U.S Physician verification.”

Former KGB agent Putin reportedly has been living in Deeper for a long time, according to reports afraid before the assassination attempt. The bodyguards, who call themselves his “knights”, are carefully selected and belong to the traditional Russian security service.

Bulletproof bags are designed to protect Vladimir Putin

Reports published on the now-defunct Beyond Russia website describe the qualities of the bodyguards as: “Knowledge of operational psychology, physical stamina, ability to withstand cold or not sweating in heat.”

Special bulletproof bags are designed to protect Putin in an emergency. 9mm SR-1 carrier pistols are loaded with armor-piercing shells.

Before Putin travels, his bands explore a destination Kremlin– The most famous coach in advance. For example, they examine how people in the country will react upon his arrival. Or also whether it is a bad area Atmosphere or natural disasters.

The place where Putin will be staying is being thoroughly investigated. Jamming devices are installed to prevent remote detonation of bombs. Technicians perform electronic monitoring of cell phones and other devices in the area.

US Senator Calls for the Assassination of Vladimir Putin

Putin right now The most hated person in the world. How dangerous has it been since then Invasion of Ukraine Hyatt, as shown Thursday. US Senator Lindsey Graham made a direct call for the assassination on television.

« Should someone in Russia now Take action and take this guy down.” So influential republican. Conservative radio station “Fox News” asked him to pave the way for the request.

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