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Vitamin D has a significant effect on cancer

Vitamin D has a significant effect on cancer

According to a study, a combination of vitamin D, omega-3 and exercise should significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

The basics in brief

  • Vitamin D, omega-3s, and exercise are said to reduce the risk of cancer by 61 percent.
  • This was recorded in a study conducted by researchers from Zurich and Harvard.
  • However, according to one of the researchers, longer periods of time should be observed in the future.

A new study shows that the combination of vitamin D, omega-3 and exercise has an effect On the risk of cancer may have. As reported by the Frankfurter Rundschau, other studies have already come to the conclusion that vitamin D influences cancer risk. However, the effect was only minimal.

The research team, made up of scientists from Zurich and Harvard, has now come to different conclusions. They examined the cancer risks of nearly 2,000 people over the age of 70 over a three-year period.

In one group of people, vitamin D and omega-3 intakes were combined with strength exercises. The result: the risk of developing cancer was reduced by 61 percent. The study was published in Frontiers in Aging.

However, in the future, studies will have to monitor the effects over longer periods of time. Note Heike Bischov thatFerrari From the University Hospital Zurich to the news portal “Eurekalert!” at.

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