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"Virus values ​​are bad for me"

“Virus values ​​are bad for me”

Last week, moderator Günther Jauch (64) had to contact the disease for the first time during his 31-year television career. The reason: infected with corona. That is why he was unable to participate in RTL “because you don’t know what will happen! Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger’s performance”.

The medium will also be transferred to the studio via a Saturday video call. Curator asks Barbara Schoneberger (47) about his authenticity. And even if Gauche looked fit, smiling, and in a suit, his values ​​might be better. “I am fine in principle,” he says. But: “I was told I’m not doing a good job. The values ​​of the virus are harmful to me.”