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Virgin Atlantic: Double the number of orders thanks to a gender-neutral outfit

Virgin Atlantic: Double the number of orders thanks to a gender-neutral outfit

British Airways has drastically relaxed its standard rules. And now Virgin Atlantic is benefiting from it.

More and more airlines are going this way: the classic uniform rules and the division into “male” and “female” are increasingly being abolished. Also top providers like united or Alaska Airlines She chose to offer gender-neutral alternatives.

In Europe, Virgin Atlantic recently announced that it will no longer rely on classic gender roles. The airline said in a press release that the airline now allows cabin crew, cockpit crew and ground crew to wear the uniforms of their choice “regardless of their gender, gender identity or gender expression”.

100 percent more apps

Cabin crew are now also allowed to have visible tattoos. Holiday airline Condor recently announced this easing in Germany. In addition, Virgin Atlantic announced that it will give all travelers additional conscience identification cards and book flights with an option other than male or female. The move appears to have paid off for the airline.

According to CEO Shay Weiss, requests for cabin jobs rose 100 percent after the airline announced the change in September. Other than that, Weiss told The Telegraph that the change was also a “tremendous” help in receiving applications for a large number of jobs at the company. In times of staff shortage, this is a huge advantage.

Without makeup for three years

The new dress code is a giant step for Virgin where the airline was just three years ago Abolished the compulsory make-up for women He gave them the option to wear pants. Previously flight attendants were allowed to do this, but they had to officially apply for it.