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Violent outbreak in Great Britain – The cause is not yet clear

An explosion at an industrial site in the UK appears to have occurred. So far, the situation is even more chaotic – the big fire is currently being extinguished.

An explosion has occurred in an industrial area in Leamington Spa, England. You can see a huge smoke column in the video recordings of the city.

You can see the recordings in the video or on the site above Here.

The British daily “Daily Mail” reports that locals talked about several explosions. Official bodies have not yet confirmed this information. Roads are closed and the fire department is at the scene. There is no information yet on the cause or potential victims of the major fire.

Smoke on Warwickshire: An explosion is reported in British County. (Source: AP / dpa)

There are many factories and laboratories on the site. Radio presenter Shehnaz Khan tweeted, “There was a big fire at Leamington Spa. I was told the smoke was toxic – close your windows if you’re in the area! This is a scene coming from my backyard right now. I hope everything will be fine!”

The West Midlands Health Department advises locals not to stay outside as the air is full of smoke and ash.