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Viola Amherd screened Ruag tank purchases

Viola Amherd screened Ruag tank purchases

RUAG’s purchase in 2016 of 96 Leopard 1 main battle tanks stored in Italy externally checked. defense minister Viola Amherd He gave the order to do so. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense (VBS) on Monday.

On the other hand, the The circumstances under which Ruag acquired 96 tanks in 2016. According to the Ruag MRO, they were purchased as merchandise and as spare parts donors, according to the statement.

But Amherd also wants to make it clear Signing a tank purchase contract with the German armament group Rheinmetall, co-producer of Leopard 1, last February 13. At the time, Rheinmetall revealed that the tanks would be delivered to Ukraine after repairs.

When the contract was signed, Ruag revealed that the delivery required federal approval. The Federal Council did not grant this approval at the end of June. According to its own statements, RUAG has accepted this decision.

At an extraordinary meeting of the RUAG MRO Board of Directors on Sunday, he was there regarding the purchase of the tank Other discrepancies were found Wrote, DDPS now to order from Amherd. The department head has been informed of this by the chairman of the board of directors.

Because of the latest findings, among others, Questions about Ruag MRO’s collaboration with the federal government as their owner. The study aims to show whether modifications are needed at this point. It also checks how the Board of Directors exercises its supervisory duty towards the Executive Board. (sda)