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Viola Amherd rejected Stefan Buser

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Viola Amherd rejected Stefan Buser

Otherwise Stefan Bucer makes jokes about others, and now he has to take a comment about himself. Because: Viola Amherd shows a sense of humor in “Donnschtig-Jass”.

Stefan Bosser, 37, was known for his deceptive jokes, but the comedian sometimes has to hit the ground running when it comes to “Donnschtig-Jass” — and so are all of Federal Chancellor Viola Amherd (60). “She has really given up on the principle of fellowship: she has the canopy for herself,” the comedian joked on the rainy version of Meiringen BE.

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“On the contrary, rain makes you beautiful,” Amherd replied. Bosser was clearly surprised by the speed of the politician’s wit. “This is a good army commander: she knows how to conduct psychological warfare,” said Buser for a few seconds.