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Vienna woman raped (13 years old) collapses in court

Vienna woman raped (13 years old) collapses in court

The girl must be questioned individually about all acts of abuse. But the interrogation had to stop when the girl broke down in tears. “She was able to testify in three cases,” Sascha Flatz, the girl’s lawyer, explained to RTL.

Later, an incident occurred in the courtroom that was not supposed to happen. According to German radio, the 13-year-old met one of the 17 suspects. He ambushed her.

The teenager was supposed to return home after being questioned by the court. But he kept a secret and waited for the 13-year-old.

When he saw her, he began to laugh contemptuously. It appeared that no words were exchanged, but it was clear that the girl was shocked to see the boy. He is said to have assaulted her in the stairs last year.

The young victim was accompanied during the interview only by the victim's representative. Her parents were not present. The mother had previously made it clear that her daughter should not reveal the horrific details of the crimes to her.

The girl's interrogation is scheduled to continue on April 26. Then she will also have to testify about the alleged gang rapes in a hotel room.

The case made headlines beyond the country's borders. The courtroom incident now raises serious questions about the safety of victims during court proceedings. Because they must be physically separated from suspected perpetrators.