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Vienna coach beating a horse

Video shows a driver hitting his fallen horse in Vienna. So animal rights activists are calling for an end to Operation Fiaker.

A coachman beats his horse in Vienna. – Instagram


The basics in brief

  • A trainer hits his horse after a fall in Vienna.
  • The animal flinched, but did not stand up.
  • Animal rights activists are outraged and are calling for a ban on the rides.

There are horrific scenes that happened in Vienna over the weekend: a horse pulls a cart, slips on the slippery road and falls. The animal remains lying down, and it is not clear if it is due to injury or trauma.

driver Then he hits the horse lying on the ground several times. It swings, but it stays in place. This shows a passer-by video distributed by the animal protection organization “Verein gegen Tierfabriken”. After about 15 minutes, the animal was able to stand on its own.

A spokesman for Viennese quality Fiaker reports that the horse is doing well and has not been scratched. The boss behaved correctly and quietly waited until a colleague came to open the dishes. The narrator did not mention the beating, which is clearly visible in the video.

Have you ever visited Vienna?

The Animal Factory Association does not believe that Weiker acted properly. He demands the authorities check whether the trainer has the necessary qualifications to lead teams of horses. In addition, animal rights activists are calling for an end to Fiaker’s operations in Austria.