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Vienna: A pensioner has been waiting 50 years for a parking space

Vienna: A pensioner has been waiting 50 years for a parking space


On December 10, 1974, they applied for a parking space – and now the response has come

In the 1970s, a Viennese family applied for a parking space in their apartment complex. After decades, the wait paid off.


In December 1974, a Viennese couple applied for a parking space, and almost 50 years later, confirmation arrived in the mailbox.

  • At the end of 1974, a couple applied for a parking space in front of their house.

  • The responsible administration has now approved the request, nearly 50 years later.

  • Although neither of them drives anymore, they keep their €80 parking space.

A retired Viennese couple recently received a surprising letter from the City of Vienna. In the letter they were informed that they… Previously required parking spaces They received her into their home. However, the application in question was submitted almost 50 years ago – on December 10, 1974.

“My grandmother gave me the letter while laughing. The granddaughter said amusedly in an interview with “Al-Youm”: “We found it strange and funny, especially since my grandfather is 97 years old and has not driven a car for a long time.” The hours that followed were used to contemplate the new situation.

Parking management is self-explanatory

The family eventually decided to keep the €80 parking space. “Our grandparents no longer drive, but they receive regular family visits. Parking spaces in the residential complexes are also very limited,” concludes the granddaughter.

Wiener Funen explained to Al-Youm that there are only three open parking spaces in the residential complex in question. As the previous owner has since passed away, a third parking space is once again available. “This long waiting time is of course exceptional due to the limited number of parking spaces at this address. But we are happy that the family was finally able to rent a parking space.

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