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Video: Shark Attack in Australia: Search Stopped

Shark Attack in Australia: Search Stop

Dramatic incident in Western Australia near Perth. According to eyewitnesses, Paul Milachip was killed in a shark attack on Port Beach. His wife was there, recalling: “We went to the beach two or three times a week, first ran, then swam, and on Saturday he wanted to swim a kilometer, I went down into the water because I felt it. It’s too cold and I’m not a big fan of cold water. But yes, he’s a swimmer, he’s a cyclist, he’s a cyclist. He has done a lot of triathlons and marathons. ” Police Inspector Troy Douglas confirmed that the search for Paul Milachchip was canceled on Sunday: “The result of the search was that we could not find anything with the shark attack. That is why we decided to stop the search. According to research from the University of Florida, Australia was behind the United States in known shark attacks in 2019. According to the latest reports, Australian authorities have recorded 17 shark attacks this year, including two fatalities.


One swimmer was killed in a shark attack on Saturday.