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Video: Pope Francis washes the feet of 12 young prisoners

Video: Pope Francis washes the feet of 12 young prisoners

Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Maundy Thursday at the Casale del Mamo youth prison in Rome and washed the feet of several prisoners. The head of the Catholic Church washed the feet of 12 prisoners of different nationalities: 10 young men and two girls. Some sought to speak with the Pope.

Commenting on the tradition that goes back to Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, the Pope said: “Washing the feet was a custom at that time because the streets were dusty, people came from outside and before they ate at home they washed their feet, but who washed the feet? Slaves, it was slave labour. Imagine the amazement of the disciples when they saw that Jesus was doing this slave work. But he did it to make clear to them the message the next day that he would die a slave to pay the debts of us all. It is so beautiful that we help each other to communicate: these are universal human gestures, born of a noble heart Jesus wants us today to teach the nobility of the heart with this feast. Everyone who might think: “If only the Pope knew what is in my heart”; Jesus knows us and loves us as we are and washes our feet. Each of us can slip, each of us, and that knowledge that can To slip it off each one of us gives us dignity, hear the word, dignity to be sinners. This is what Jesus wants of us, and that is why he wanted to wash our feet and say: “I have come to save you and serve you.”

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