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Video: Bankruptcy in the third division farewell - Bayern 2 in the Valley of Tears

Video: Bankruptcy in the third division farewell – Bayern 2 in the Valley of Tears

Captain Niko Feldhan (front) and Maxi Welshmuller after relegation to the regional league.

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Just over ten months after winning the third division, Bayern II must go to the regional league. Relegation was indicated in the match against Hale already after 30 seconds.

MUNICH – Even the victory was not helpful, as KFC Uerdingen held a 1-1 draw in Mannheim and SV Meppen, who also relegated despite a 2–1 win over Duisburg, did not fail. The young Bavarians were shattered in spirits anyway after just over 30 seconds. After a major construction mistake, Braydon Manu scored the goal of the day at Grünwalder Stadium after introducing Sitpe Vucur.

Despite the early setback, Bayern Munich did not give up the match and tried very hard. But as is so often the case this season, there was a lack of penetration in the attack. The few good chances were all destroyed by Tim Schreiber, who was in a good mood against Haleh.

FC Bayern II: Demichelis and Schwartz are left without a win in eight matches

Thus Martin Demichels and Danny Schwartz remained unbeaten in the eighth game on the sidelines. Although it was clear in the lead-up to the match that only victory would keep hope of relegation alive, the coaching duo did so without striker Viti Arp *.

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FC Bayern Munich II – Hallescher FC 0: 1

Bayern Munich 2: Ron Thorben Hoffman, Dennis Weidner, Justin Chi, Remy Vita (73 Lynn Gastrimsky), Nicholas Feldahn, Angelo Stiller, Turbine Rain (46 Bright Aquoo Ari Imbi), Sarpreet Singh, Maximilian Wilsmuller (46 Christopher Gavin Scott), Nemanoller (46 Christopher Gavin Scott) Gavin Scott), Armindo’s sieve

Coach: Martin Demichelis and Danny Schwartz

Hallescher FC: Tim Schreiber, Janick Sternberg, Lucas Boyder, Anthony Papadopoulos, Step Fokor, Julian Maurice Destrov (61 Lorenz Diehl), Jonas Nietveld (87 Sorn Kurt Redeman), Yannis Fullert, Brydon Manu (86 Niklas Landgrave), Terence Tom Birchink), Michael Eberwin (73 Anthony Seher)

Coach: Florian Schnørenberg

Rule: Matthias Ullenbeek (Weilertal)

Scenes: 250

rip: 0: 1 Brydon Mano (1.)

FC Bayern Munich II – Hallescher FC 0: 1 FC Bayern Munich II: Hoffmann, Waidner, Che, Vita (73rd Jastremski), Feldhahn, Stiller, Rhein (46th Arrey-Mbi), Singh, Welzmüller (46th Scott), Motika, Sieb Coach: Demichelis – Coach: Schwarz Hallescher FC: Schreiber, Sternberg, Boeder, Papadopoulos, Vucur, Vollert, Manu (86 Landgraf), Derstroff (61st Dehl), Nietfeld (87th Reddemann), Boyd (87). Bierschenk), Eberwein (73rd Syhre) – Coach: Schnorrenberg Referee: Jöllenbeck (Weilertal) – Spectators: 250 Goals: 0: 1 Manu (1st)

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