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Victory in the ultimate thriller!  Milwaukee Bucks have a hand in the NBA title - American sports

Victory in the ultimate thriller! Milwaukee Bucks have a hand in the NBA title – American sports

Oh man, this was exciting!

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns in their Final 5 with a score of 123:119. A big win away – and a giant step toward an NBA title! Because it’s now 3:2 in the series for the team from the West.

What a wonderful ending! Suns is doing well – the coins are stronger!

Now star Giannis Antetokounmpo (26), “Greek Freak” (Greek Freak), has a hand in the title!

At night from Tuesday to Wednesday (2.45am live on DAZN) the decision can now be made in Milwaukee. The dollars are strong at home! Now the Suns need a small miracle final to force Match Seven. This would happen in Phoenix Thursday night.

32 points Written by Giannis Antetokonmo!

29 points by Chris Middleton!

27 points by Jrue Holiday!

Die drei Superstars der Bucks Ü-BERRAGEND!

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By the way: 9,000 fans watch the game at Bucks Arena in Milwaukee. 20,000 people attended the public parade in front of the hall in the so-called deer district. Mad!

Before the match, actress, singer, and model Vanessa Hudgens sang the national anthem, then cheered The Suns! Super singer Adele is among the crowd – and so is LeBron James! With sunglasses and a bling bling necklace!


In a good mood: LeBron James (center) was sitting front row in Phoenix, wearing sunglasses

Photo: Ross D. Franklin/The Associated Press

The Lakers mega star, who had his US movie premiere with his Hollywood blockbuster ‘Space Jam 2’, is a special friend of Suns playmaker Chris Paul, who is the godfather of LeBron’s son. In Round 1 of the playoffs, Phoenix was eliminated by LeBron and the Lakers.

The start was in the pants for the Bucks. 21:37 after the first quarter. But then everything goes! 64:61 for Milwaukee after the second quarter, 100:90 after the third quarter.

Suns problem: Star development player Devon Booker, who scores a solid 40, often argues with the judges. Not everything is going according to the defensive plan either. Chris Paul (21 points) plays better than he did in Game Four, but he doesn’t clear trees either. Only in the final stage does the Suns really start again, they are at one point.

But then this: Paul loses the ball in attack a few seconds before the end – Bucks with a blitz and hammer from Giannis. He even made a foul and gave a free throw. Forgive it – it doesn’t matter because the dollars get bouncing. Middleton got the ball, and a foul was made. Free throw missed, second attempt possible – dollars can no longer be caught!

Oh man, that was exciting! Both teams are making a great fifth final. Now Giannis and Bucks have their first title since 1971 on Wednesday.


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