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Victoria’s New Clothes – GNU /

Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Ralph Hersel

Linux Mint, along with the Cinnamon desktop environment, is one of the most popular distributions, especially among newcomers and those who change users. Users of the Cinnamon environment will be pleased with the visual changes announced by project leader Clement Lefebvre yesterday at Linux Mint blog announce. These should appear with the upcoming version 21.2 “Victoria” in June.

Similar color tones (brown and sand) should be reduced as part of the visual cleaning. The bar on the guide icons is gone and the monochrome icons in the menus are gone in favor of Gtk’s dynamic icons, which automatically contrast with the background color to ensure better readability.

Also, a new concept called “patterns” will be introduced in the upcoming version of Cinnamon. The pattern has up to three modes: blended, dark, and light (see title image). Each of these modes can contain color “variants”. An alternative is a mixture of traits that fit well together. The idea behind Styles, Modes, and Variants is that it’s easy to choose a good-looking theme no matter how many individual themes are installed and without having to find the ones that go together.


As mentioned earlier, the diagonal bar has been omitted from the guide icons. There will be two-color icons for this. When it comes to choosing colors, it is no longer presented as many different colors, but common ones (shades of blue).


There is also a new color scheme, which is based on Ubuntu’s orange style and Yaru style.

Lefebvre writes that Cinnamon styles should work fine not only with Linux Mint but also for other distributions and third-party artists.

Cinnamon styles are defined in JSON files at /usr/share/cinnamon/styles.d/. These files are read in alphabetical order and patterns can overwrite each other if they have the same name. This is to allow distributions and/or theme creators to define their own styles. Cinnamon provides stylistic definitions for Adwaita. Mint provides additional style definitions for its own themes.

Check out the source for more photos of Victoria’s new dresses.