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Victoria Insberg wants to keep second place and keep FS in Eisingen in a head-to-head duel - sport

Victoria Insberg wants to keep second place and keep FS in Eisingen in a head-to-head duel – sport

Molacer. “If we win on Sunday, we’ve taken a big step,” says FC Victoria coach Sacha John. At the weekend, his players met in Inzberg, second in the A1 football zone class, Pforzheim, third-placed FS in Isingen. John is not looking towards first place: From his point of view, it is important to maintain second place in the drop. In terms of staff, things look good: only Jean-Manuel Hanselmann, one of the experienced players, will be out for a longer period of time.

“I’m excited, I feel it,” says Florian Barth, who has partnered with Isingen (53 points from 25 games so far). With five matches remaining, he does not rule out the title: apart from Insberg, they also play against table leaders TSV Wimsheim (60 points from 25 matches so far). The Enzbergers (55 of 24) are still fighting him, so things could really change.

The fact that FC Viktoria is still behind a match because the match is in 1. FC Ersingen II failed on Wednesday: the referee did not come.

The Enzbergers know Barth above all else from the next opponent, whose club is FV Lienzingen (14th in the A-League). He’s 33 now, and he should definitely continue next season. The attacking player does not want to reveal the options he sees, only that the issue of league membership is no longer a priority.

In principle, Barth, who has hip problems, finds an interesting job as a player-coach. He leaves it open when a dual role becomes questionable for him. Barth has more subtle thoughts on organizing Sunday: After the match, which begins at 3 p.m., they’ll probably drink “a beer or two” together. He feels comfortable at the Enzberger facility – also because there are many familiar faces, including coach John.

Even if champions Bayern Munich expect relegation-threatened Stuttgart to win the Bundesliga in Munich at 5:30pm, Barth sees no reason to be nervous. He says he probably won’t watch the VfB match before the second half.

Anyway, Barth is a soccer fan who would rather kick the ball themselves than watch it. With John, now 51, his time as a player ended in the fall of 2005 when he became a coach at Innsburg.

John has been a representative for Victoria Football Club for over 30 years, youth included. In any case, he can only devote himself to the match of his favorite team from the big world of football then: ex-Bayern Munich player Borussia Moenchengladbach will play Eintracht Frankfurt at 3.30 pm.