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Verdict confirmed earlier - Trump must release tax returns - News

Verdict confirmed earlier – Trump must release tax returns – News

  • Former US President Trump must turn over his tax documents to a House of Representatives investigative committee.
  • This was decided by a federal appeals court, confirming an earlier ruling. However, this is still not legally binding.
  • Elsewhere, the FBI searched Trump’s Florida home on Tuesday.

In the United States, pressure is mounting on former President Donald Trump. After his luxury Florida home was raided on suspicion of stealing government documents, an appeals court ruled Tuesday that Trump must disclose his tax records to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The judges found that the commission’s demands did not violate the principle of separation of powers or the constitution.

“We expect to receive the required tax returns and audit documents immediately,” the committee tweeted after the judge’s ruling. A lawyer working with Trump initially declined to comment on whether the former president would appeal to the US Supreme Court.

The committee sued the Republican in 2019 to force it to release tax returns.

Trump became the first president in 40 years not to release his tax returns because he did not want to reveal details of his assets and the activities of his family business, The Trump Organization. Trump argued that the Democratic-controlled committee wanted access to his tax records for political reasons.