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Venezuela’s foreign minister calls for end to US coercion


Photo: CatenagramontCaracas, March 9. In response to Washington’s announcement of temporary protection for immigrants from this South American country, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister George Areza has called for an end to US compulsory action.

Joe Biden’s U.S. administration announced on Monday that it was granting that status to about 300,000 Venezuelans in its territory, preventing their deportation and granting them work permits.

“The coherent thing is that the next step for the United States (…) is to totally remove the arbitrary sanctions that are causing pain and suffering to the Venezuelan people at the behest of the United Nations,” Aresa wrote on the network Twitter.

In turn, the foreign minister questioned a message from Colombian President Ivan Duke, comparing the White House move adopted by the Bogot அரசாங்க government for a “fraternal and humanitarian immigration policy” towards Venezuela.

“Everything is hypocrisy and ridicule. It promotes the siege and suffering of the Venezuelan people, refuses to vaccinate immigrants, and supports violent plans in its territory to attack Venezuela. Ivan Duke wants to convince the world that he is a gentle and supportive little lamb. “

UN Special Rapporteur Alena Duhan acknowledged the direct relationship between the effects of US coercion and the increasing number of Venezuelans migrating to other countries in search of a better economic situation.

In recent reports to the international media, President Nicolas Maduro stressed that the so-called Provisional Security Act, mandated by the Ivan Duke administration, was an act of “clinging” to the new US administration. (Syngramont)