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Venezuelan Foreign Minister accuses Brazil of following Colombia’s defeats – Prinza Latin

The foreign minister’s statements on social networking site Twitter respond to the intervention of his Brazilian representative, Ernesto Arazo, at a virtual conference of the U.S. Council, where President Jair Bolsanaro pledged that Washington would be a “key partner” in its development of drug-free Latin America.

In this regard, Ariasa wrote on Microblogging, ‘Colombia is the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer. 92 percent of the drug leaves the Colombian Pacific coast north. The United States has military bases in the manufacturing and cultivation areas. This man is talking about ‘drugs’, is Colombia socialism then? ‘

In a 45-minute speech (entirely in English) before the audience was mostly North American investors and businessmen, Arazo attacked former Presidents Lula da Silva and Hugo Chavez and joked about the differences between Bolsanaro and the new US president. , Joe Biden., And said they both had ‘even the same letters’.

According to United Nations (UN) figures, Colombia is the world’s largest producer and exporter, with 70 percent of world production coming from neighboring countries, and about 90 percent to North America off the Pacific coast.

However, in the last 15 years, the White House has accused Venezuela of being a drug lord and has authorized nearly fifty government officials claiming to have links to drug trafficking and money laundering.

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