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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Venezuela government boycotts dialogue with the opposition

The Colombian businessman was arrested there in June last year when his private plane had to refuel on its way to Iran. According to the Venezuelan government, he was on a humanitarian mission. Saab is said to have sold millions of dollars in groceries to the Venezuelan government for its controversial Clap social programme.

In the United States and Colombia, Saab is being charged with money laundering, among other things. According to US investigators, Saab must also have extensive information about the illegal actions of the Maduro family and high-ranking officials in Venezuela. Recently, the Venezuelan government appointed Saab as a delegate in negotiations with the opposition in Mexico.

Apparently, in response to Saab’s extradition, Venezuelan security forces have arrested six American oil managers, according to media reports. The so-called “Citgo 6” was only released from prison to house arrest a few months ago as part of a reluctant policy of détente.

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