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As of this season, the Austrian Bundesliga relies on the VAR. The first VAR in Sturm’s match against Salzburg on Friday (8:30 pm) is Harald Lechner.

to Peter Klimkett | 5.30 a.m., July 21, 2021


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Each VAR referee has an assistant and an operator on the side ©

Truth on the field was a common quote in football. From Friday Farnese will be added to the truth. The VAR will join the Austrian Bundesliga on Friday at the start of this season. Harald Lechner is Austria’s first VAR, and Walter Altmann leads the opening match between SK Sturm and Salzburg. VAR technology should make games fairer, say all the champions who have dealt with video evidence in Austria since 2019. Transparency is important to officials from the Austrian Football Association and the Bundesliga. One wants to take football fans with the new age, no matter if the fans are in stadiums or in front of television screens. When can or should VAR intervene?