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Vanessa May approves of "Let's Dance".

Vanessa May approves of “Let’s Dance”.

Following Dieter Bohlen’s bill, RTL “Let’s Dance” follows. Vanessa May has a lot to say…


The basics in brief

  • Vanessa May has been through a lot and has a lot to say.
  • She did so in her book I Do It My Way.

She is a successful singer and has a lot to tell!

Vanessa May (30 years old) just released her autobiography, I Do It My Way. In doing so, she devoted a chapter of her time to the TV show Let’s Dance.

Not always with good memories, either from the dance partner or from the show itself.


2017 May’s said RTLThe difference too. “I was able to show the audience a side they didn’t know before: Vanessa May, the performer,” May says.

But then it got unremarkable pretty quickly. Because Vanessa May was hired as professional dancer Christian Polanc (44).

“I have a dance partner that I didn’t connect with at first,” she recalls.

Vanessa May was not happy

“I can’t really say what the problem is. But since the first meeting it was like that for me. I don’t know. I felt the atmosphere between us wasn’t great.”

Then came what should come. May and Polanc took first place dance “Cha-cha-cha”. The musician recalls: “That for me means: Touch-Alarm 100 and that first week with a partner I didn’t think was so great.”

As Pollan was improving from one show to the next, May found something else even more bitter: the television audience.

“If someone rushes in with full points from the start, it’s not likable,” the 30-year-old said.

“Criticism of the public was really toxic. I couldn’t get it right somehow. If I was bad, I was torn. If I was good, I was supposed to be fake.”

Vanessa May finished second in the Grand Final

“I could have vomited at the time,” Mai continues.

At the end of Let’s Dance, Mai took second place. In the grand finale, she had to break up with her rival and fellow musician Jill Overeem (40) Surrender.

“When I finished only second in the final, smash I burst into tears of disappointment. but tears too The satisfaction.”

How do you find Vanessa May as an artist?

Vanessa May managed to take a deep breath after a long flight. “It was only then that I learned to appreciate what I have lived and achieved in the past few months.”

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