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Valneva’s inactivated vaccine receives UK approval

Valneva’s inactivated vaccine receives UK approval

This vaccine is the first classic whole virus vaccine approved in the UK. (Image: Valneva)

According to Valneva’s report, the British Health Commission MHRA concluded that the vaccine candidate VLA2001 meets the required safety, quality and performance standards. Bahrain had earlier granted emergency approval for the vaccine in March. The European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA) is still in the process of rolling approval.

“VLA2001 is the only inactivated full-bodied virus Covit-19 vaccine approved in the UK, and this approval could provide access to alternative vaccine solutions for the UK population. We continue to receive news every day from individuals seeking a more traditional vaccine. We hope so, ”said Valneva CEO Thomas Lingelbach.

Following approval in the UK, the company is in talks with the National Health Service (NHS) and the Scottish Government to provide up to 25,000 doses to its workers in Scotland.