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Vacation in Great Britain: That’s why London & Co. Going without beer

Holidays in Great Britain: London and Go Beer Exhausted! So tourists can be left on dry land soon

If you have vacation plans in the UK and are a beer drinker now is the time to be very strong! (Icon)

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Do you have a Holidays in the UK Planned? You should not travel there with a thirst for beer because the country will soon run out of barley juice.

It is not uncommon for people to drink a chip or two of wine during the holidays. But beer drinkers Holidays in the UK To last, it must be very strong now!

Holidays in Great Britain: Bad news for beer drinkers

Due to Brexit, among other things, there is a shortage of truck drivers in Great Britain – and this is now having an effect on pubs as well: some pubs have run out of beer! Pub chain “Jedi Weatherspoon” announced that there are distribution problems in some brands in some branches.


This is the UK:

  • Great Britain includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • The capital is London
  • It covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 242,485 square kilometers
  • There are about 66.65 million people living in the UK
  • Boris Johnson is the current head of government


The company apologized to its customers. At the same time, he promised that everything would be done with distilleries to solve the chain problem. About 100,000 drivers are missing, according to the Road Hole Association.

Holidays in the UK: Delivery problems due to Brexit

Many European drivers fled the country from Brexit. There is nothing new as complicated and expensive visa procedures are now required. “Weatherspoon” boss Tim Martin was a voice supporter of Brexit. Most recently, however, he called for a more liberal immigration system.


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But beer is not the only problem in Great Britain: there have been recent supply problems with fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Nandos and KFC due to a shortage of drivers. Supermarkets will always have empty shelves. The logistics sector is demanding better subsidies for non-authorized visas and driving tests for European drivers.

Dear, I can only hope that the products will be available soon! (cf with df)