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V1.3.5.1 with new track, two vehicles and many improvements

V1.3.5.1 with new track, two vehicles and many improvements

(MST / – After the initial release of the release candidate version ( for Automobilista 2 in the middle of the week, interested simracers can get an idea of ​​the progress made since version 1.3 .4.0 made available in March and new game content Galeao Airport track, Stock Car Pro Series 2022 and Formula Ultimate Gen2, Reiza Studios has now released version officially to all AMS2 owners.

V1.3.5.x brings a new track and two new vehicles/racing series


In addition to various improvements and bug fixes as well as a revised model of the Energy Recovery System (ERS) in the RC architecture, V1.3.5.1 introduces further revisions that fall under known product maintenance. full Changelog for version RC including more detailed information about the improved ERS model It can be viewed via the link. Revisions made between the release candidate and the first official public release are listed below.

Automobilista 2 – V1.3.5.1 changelog:
– Stock Car Championships added in the 2021 and 2022 seasons

UI and HUD
-Add task control help text
– Fixed text wrap on strategy/setup labels for session overview in Spanish translation
– Added distinctive emblems for vehicle selection for the F-Trainer, Caterhams and Copa Classic . classes

-More updates to the Stock Car tire body and tread
Slight modification to the F-Ultimate Gen2 tread
Globally reduced sensitivity of wet tires / street tires to water
-F-USA Gen1: modified FFB maximum power for both models
-Sigma P1: Lifetime modified critical range RPM for improved reliability
-R-Retro G3 TE: Map the flat waste gate so that it uses the same pressure limit at all RPMs (the limit determined by pressure increase %)
-F-Ultimate (both sexes): An anti-lag system has been added to the turbo and its characteristics have been slightly modified
-Sigma P1: Minor modifications to the default setting (resetting the setting recommended)

-F-Ultimate (Unisex) AI-adjusted tire rotation resistance for more balance of straight line speed versus player
– Added real drivers’ names to Stock Car seasons 1979, 1986 and 1999

My voice
– Modified turbo sounds for the classics of F and F-Retro TE
-F-Ultimate Gen1 sounds are now the same as Gen2

-Galeao: Marble added, night lights in the arena area, LOD values ​​adjusted for a few things; Real historical weather data added
-Hockenheim Historic 2001: adding variable audience attendance to each session; Adjust the HUD track map zoom level; New AI express line and finely tuned lanes; Better start-up for AI behavior; Low high frequency road noise physics; Object level fixes

-Caterham (all classes): Added dirt map; Carbon Materials Modified Mapping (Chapter 3) for Dirt; Added vibrating parts to the cockpit
– Metalmoro MRX P2: 3 new livers added
– Metalmoro AJR: Fixed navigation between blank Motec display pages
-F-Ultimate Gen2: Added new screen with ERS bar; Minor cockpit grille corrections; Corrected fuel data Adding vehicle body overruns
-Chevette: Added dirt map; Adjustment gaiter shift rig
DRS headlights added to the F-Reiza, Metalmoro AJR and Sigma P1