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Use up leftovers: 5 ideas you didn’t know about

Use up leftovers: 5 ideas you didn’t know about

instead of food waste

5 ways you’ve never used leftovers before

Leftovers can be cleverly recycled instead of thrown away. You can easily turn them into healthy snacks, hand cleansers, or face masks.


By following these tips, you will no longer throw away the peels of vegetables and fruits, but rather, you will use them wisely.

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It hurts to throw food away – especially when you’re sure of it food waste to avoid. Good if you are dry Give bread a second life or by proper storage for a longer period Cheese shelf life Or you can offer chocolate.

But not only prepared food can be used again: you can also recycle organic food leftovers from cooking, for example in the form of vegetable peelings. out of fancy – l Liquid Kitchen Cocktails Even daily use of cleaning agents.

Orange peel cleanser

Don’t throw away the orange peel after eating it on the weekend fresh juice Servants. Instead, pour them into a screw-top jar, add white vinegar, and put the jar in a dark place for about two weeks. Then strain the vinegar and fill it into a spray bottle – your eco-citrus cleaning spray is ready.

You can also use cucumber skins around the house: after soaking them in a bowl of water and then removing them, they make the perfect food your houseplants Represent.

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watermelon juice

There is usually more than half of the watermelon left: in the form of a thick green rind. It is an excellent source for The fiber. The best way to make use of it is to puree the watermelon rind with a few ice cubes and lemon juice into a smoothie. Or rub the peel on the salad. By the way: You can also eat the peel of these fruits and vegetables.

Watermelon rind contains healthy fiber.

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Inspiration from Tiktok

Tiktokercreative_explained has plenty of inspiring videos when it comes to putting leftovers to good use – like leftover half of a lemon, and chicken bones Or peel an avocado. The latter has a lot in store. One of the many recycled spins is the refreshing face mask.

To do this, put the avocado peel in the oven at 150 degrees for about ten minutes, use a blender or mortar and grind the baked avocado peel into a fine powder, then add a teaspoon of plain yogurt and a teaspoon A teaspoon of honey Added – ready for your beauty ritual.

A snack made from potato skins

Next time you cook potatoes, don’t throw away the fresh skin. You can turn them into a healthy alternative to potato chips. Spread the crust on a parchment-lined baking sheet, drizzle with a little olive oil, and season with salt, pepper, paprika, and chili powder. At 200 degrees, they are then baked in crispy foil in a preheated oven for about ten minutes.

However, be careful not to use green peels or sprouts, as the concentration of solanine is higher here. This can lead to poisoning. Peeling potatoes or that Potato cooking water It can also be processed into dishwashing liquid or Serve your skin.

Restaurants and hotels do too

Many sustainable hotels also use vegetable peels to produce household cleaning or beauty products. Gastronomy and, above all, discerning restaurants are increasingly trying to use it to produce biogas for cooking or as a fertilizer for their gardens. Danish, for example Star Noma Restaurant or that Restaurant St. Gallen Corso.

Do you have any other ideas for reusing leftovers?

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