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USA: Youtuber MrBeast gives car tip to waitress

United States of America

At this tip, the waitress breaks down in tears

YouTube star MrBeast surprised a waitress with an unusual piece of advice. The young woman didn’t believe her luck at first.


In his latest Tiktok video, Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, hands a waitress a car.

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  • Youtuber MrBeast is known for his extraordinary actions which attract a lot of attention.

  • In his latest video, he surprises with advice that isn’t exactly everyday.

  • He gives a new Toyota Corolla to a young waitress.

with his YouTube videos Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson regularly attracts a lot of attention. The 24-year-old attracts attention with unusual actions – eg by counting to 100,000 in 40 hours, watching paint dry or unsuspecting people larger sums. Donaldson recently helped heal 1,000 people from blindness and gave 20,000 children in South Africa their first pair of shoes.

Better known by his YouTube pseudonym Mr. Beast, American Jimmy Donaldson is known for his viral videos in which he attracts attention with unusual actions.


Donaldson’s videos have been known to contain certain elements that go viral. In this way, he earns “tens of millions of dollars” in advertising revenue because social media algorithms show his clips to more people. MrBeast then invests the advertising revenue in the following videos.

Donaldson’s latest video is no different. In a March 26 Tiktok clip, MrBeast asks a waitress what the biggest tip she’s ever received — and it turns out it’s only $50. Then the YouTube star asks if anyone gave her a whole car as a tip and suddenly pulls a bunch of keys out of his pocket.

The waitress bursts into tears

At first, the young woman was deeply shocked. “Are you serious? You’re lying. It’s a car key, it’s not a car,” she says, in disbelief. The two make their way to the parking lot where a brand new Toyota Corolla is waiting for its new owner. The waitress refuses to believe the cart is real and breaks down in tears. Just today I was late for work very slow She was crying.

To Mr. Beast’s chagrin, the young woman then reveals that she is completely unable to drive the car yet. It remains to be seen which action Donaldson will create a stir next.

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