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USA: Youth win climate action lawsuit against Montana

USA: Youth win climate action lawsuit against Montana

United States of America

Youth win climate action lawsuit against the state of Montana

16 guys who beat Montana state on the court: It must now be ensured that fossil energy production does not endanger breathing air and water.


Juvenile plaintiffs also begin trial in June in Helena, Montana.

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  • In the US state of Montana, a group of young climate activists has achieved remarkable success.

  • They sued the authorities because they didn’t do enough to clean up the air.

  • If the ruling is passed, the authorities will have to take carbon dioxide emissions into account when issuing permits for oil exploration and the like.

A group of young environmental activists have achieved legal success in the US state of Montana, claiming climate protection against state authorities. The plaintiffs accused the authorities of violating their constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment by allowing the development of fossil fuels without considering the consequences of climate change. It was the first trial of its kind in the United States.

District Judge Kathy Seeley ruled Monday that the state’s handling of fossil fuel applications is unconstitutional. The authorities are not allowed to assess the effects of the emission Greenhouse gas emissions to rate. The judge wrote that Montana’s emissions and climate change have been shown to be significant factors in causing climate impacts “on the state’s environment and causing harm and disruption” to young people.

However, it is now up to you Montana Parliament To decide how to bring the procedure into line with the Constitution. Immediate change is unlikely in the traditionally Republican-dominated fossil fuel nation.

The youngest plaintiff was only two years old

Lawyers for the 16 plaintiffs, who range in age from 5 to 22 — all three years younger when the lawsuit was filed in 2020 — presented evidence during the two-week trial in June, according to which carbon dioxide emission This leads to higher temperatures, more droughts, wildfires and less snow in the mountains. The experts called as witnesses alleged that these changes harmed the plaintiffs’ physical and mental health.

The state declared that even if Montana no longer produced any carbon dioxide, it would not have a global impact. A spokeswoman for Attorney General Austin Knudsen called the judge’s decision absurd and said she would appeal.

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