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USA Vaccine Success: Every second adult is vaccinated with at least one dose

According to CDC figures, 50.4 percent of adults – about 130 million people – were given at least one dose by Sunday. Of the particularly vulnerable 65-year-olds and over, 81 percent have received the first dose, and two-thirds are fully vaccinated.

The White House Corona virus task force estimates that there are currently an average of more than three million vaccines a day. In all, about 210 million doses of corona virus have been transmitted in the country, with a population of about 330 million. So far, more than 264 million cans have been delivered. The first dose of the vaccine in the United States was a nurse on December 14, 2020 New York Paid.

Most vaccines in the United States are manufactured by the active ingredients of the American companies Moderna and Pfizer, the latter developing the product in collaboration with its German partner Biotech. Vaccines with active ingredients from the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson are currently suspended after six cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis were reported in the United States. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine must be injected only once to fully function; The other two drugs require two doses.