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USA: Trump goes to Supreme Court on immunity dispute

USA: Trump goes to Supreme Court on immunity dispute

Former US President Donald Trump has appealed to the US Supreme Court in a dispute over his legal immunity. Trump's lawyers filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Monday seeking to stay an earlier ruling that denied Trump immunity.

There is a case against the former US president for involvement in election fraud. He was accused of inciting his supporters to attack the Capitol on January 6, 2021. To this day, Trump does not recognize his defeat against Joe Biden and continues to spread lies about election fraud.

The Supreme Court's decision will depend on when a trial for attempted election fraud against Republicans in Washington will begin. Trump and his lawyers want the charges dropped. They cite the immunity of Trump, who was president at the time, in office. However, the attorney general's office argues that Trump's efforts to change the election results are not part of his duties as president and therefore he is not immune.

The Supreme Court will consider the application

The US Supreme Court must now decide whether to accept Trump's appeal. If it is not accepted, the case against the former US president will begin. However, if the court accepts the appeal and decides that Trump is immune, the trial for election fraud will be over.

A criminal case against a former president is of great importance. If they actually enjoy immunity, they can commit crimes in office without fear of repercussions. Whether or not Trump is right is also important to the campaign.

Presidential election in November

Trump wants to run for re-election in November. He is the most promising candidate in the current Republican primaries. If Trump is re-elected president, he could order the attorney general to drop the case against him or try to pardon himself.

The Supreme Court has moved to the right under Trump. However, the court has not always ruled in favor of the former president in the past.