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Sonny Kittel

USA transition: HSV boss Boldt gives Kittel an ultimatum

Will he end up staying with HSV? All talking about Sonny Kittel’s move to the US, the Hamburg attacking man is leaning towards a commitment at DC United. But the number isn’t out yet — and HSV is pressing Kittel. Athletic director Jonas Boldt is demanding a decision be made by the end of the week. Otherwise, Kittel, who was absent from yesterday’s training session, will have to travel to Austria training camp (25 June to 2 July) with HSV.

Boldt sets a deadline for Kittel. The 29-year-old has asked HSV to let him leave the club a year before his contract expires and move to the United States. HSV will raise about 1 million euros for Kittel. “We are talking about a framework that could be very win-win for both sides,” confirms Boldt, who explains, “It is still open about whether or not to go ahead, nothing has been fixed yet. But we definitely want to make a decision this week.” . There will be one, “one way or another.”

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Boldt increases pressure on the player. Because one thing is clear: if top scorer Kittel (who has made 60 goals and made assists in three years from HSV) goes, the club will need a replacement ASAP. The longer the number remains, the narrower the time frame for HSV.

Top scorer Kittel wants to leave HSV

Everything points to Kittel’s departure. But Boldt explains that Citizen Jason’s door was by no means slammed shut in HSV: “Sony has expressed his desire, but it doesn’t mean we want to get rid of him here. He’s always had my support, and will continue to have him if he stays here.” Now it’s up to him. Kettle (currently in Germany) and his agent, Alen Augustincic, to clarify the facts. They have a few days for that.