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USA: Refugee Crisis at the Border – Joe Biden is no better than Donald Trump

It is five and a half to nine meters high, 737 kilometers long and is one of former President Trump’s favorite projects: “The Wall” – the wall on the border with Mexico. However, the US advance payment system is not complete, as is the case in New Mexico west of El Paso:

Mark Pittsky, DER SPIEGEL
“The wall is behind me. This is the old wall built under Obama. As you can see, you can see it suddenly stops here. In the other direction she goes up and down the hill, and then there’s a new piece of Trump. A dog, a Mexican dog, has now migrated to Mexico at the crossing of the wall. There are always kids here who stick their hands through the wall and ask you for money.«

The situation on the border for refugees from Latin America is even worse. Even under Trump’s successor, they have made little progress. Joe Biden initially had high hopes:

Joe Biden, President of the United States
Today we will first act to remove the moral national humiliation of the previous administration. This has really removed children from the hands of their families, mothers and fathers. She has no plans to reunite children who are still in care with their parents.«

Tens of thousands of families and helpless minors have crossed the U.S. border in the past few weeks – more than years. They are fleeing poverty, crime and natural disasters. For many, the dangerous journey ends on the American shores of Rio Grande.

Mark Pittsky, DER SPIEGEL
“I’ve been on the road for a week now, mostly in Rio Grande, Texas. Most of the asylum seekers who come here voluntarily surrender to the border police here. We saw it, and one night on the shores of Rio Grande they came in boats and immediately vomited to the police.

They are written there with names. They are then loaded onto buses and taken to the airport, where most of them fly to a very different frontier city in the United States. Now San Diego for example, here El Paso, a thousand miles from where they came from, was then deported to Mexico, i.e., deported to an area where their route was unknown. Wherever they are abducted, they are threatened by gangs and cartels.«

One thing in particular is new under Joe Biden: helpless refugee minors are allowed to stay in the United States. Families should no longer be separated.

Mark Pittsky, DER SPIEGEL
“The people who make it up, about 10-12 per cent, are kept here if they have children with them. We met a family from Honduras who crossed the border at night. The next day they were at such a reception center, they had a two-month-old baby born and they were allowed to stay in Utah the next day. Were sent to their relatives.

Last weekend, a large number of immigrants protested in Washington, D.C., against the policies of the current president. In mid-April, Biden still adhered to Trump’s admission limit of a maximum of 15,000 refugees per budget year. Now he has raised it to the previously announced 62,500 – after criticism from his own party.

Kerline Joseph, activist
“Someone from our community called me and said I didn’t know I was coming here tomorrow. I am afraid to get married and have children because I do not want to be separated from them. This is unacceptable. Today we continue to march with enthusiasm. We ask President Biden and Vice President Harris, the elected whole Congress and the Senate, the whole government: we are here to stay. Here is our house. For that we will act with dignity. “

Joe Biden has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to resolve the border crisis. He now wants to discuss in a video conference with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador how to reduce the tense situation.