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USA: Pilot falls ill – Passengers intervene and land Cessna!  – News Abroad

USA: Pilot falls ill – Passengers intervene and land Cessna! – News Abroad

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A passenger with no flying experience has landed a small plane safely in Florida due to ill health of the pilot.

The man landed a single-engine Cessna 208 at Palm Beach International Airport on Tuesday, U.S. media reported Wednesday.

He had previously contacted the air traffic controller by radio and described his dramatic situation in a quiet voice: the pilot was suddenly confused.

“I have a serious situation here,” the traveler said, according to a post by American broadcasters. “My pilot has become irrelevant. I have no idea how to fly a plane.

When the air traffic controller asked where the engine was, the passenger did not answer: “I’m looking at the Florida beach in front of me, I do not know.” The air traffic controller gave instructions to the person. He must first “keep his wings horizontal” and fly to the beach.

The passenger, who reluctantly became a pilot, finally landed the machine at Palm Beach Airport with the help of a radio.

“The plane landed safely and a patient was taken to a local hospital,” the Palm Beach Fire Department said.

“He was very quiet,” Robert Morgan, air traffic controller who assisted passengers on the radio, told CNN.

The man landed perfectly. “I almost cried because I had too much adrenaline,” Morgan said. “I’m so glad it worked and no one was hurt.”

Aviation expert Andreas Spade tells BILD: “If the passengers or passengers who allegedly landed the ten-seater Cessna 208 had no preconceived notion of how to actually fly a plane like this, it’s very surprising, they succeeded. The common man cannot do it right away.