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USA: Nurse pregnant with severely disabled woman

Phoenix. A former male nurse in the United States has been sentenced to ten years in prison for raping and impregnating a critically ill patient. On Thursday, Judge Margaret Labianca announced the sentence in the case, which caused much consternation beyond US borders. The woman, who had been cared for for years at an Arizona nursing home, eventually gave birth to a baby. Pregnancy was not detected until immediately before.

The offender expresses remorse

Defendant Nathan S. pleaded guilty and repented in court. He has enjoyed a lot in his life, but he can not forgive what he did to that woman, he said.

Judge Labianca said he could not imagine a victim who was more insecure than the patient. The woman, who was 29 when the baby was born, was cared for almost her entire life at the Hacienda Healthcare facility in Phoenix. Due to the brain damage, she had severe motor and cognitive impairments and was unable to move her arms and legs. The boy’s grandmother, who was born in December 2018, took him into her care. The caregiver’s father was determined by a staff DNA test.