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Amazon Alexa suggests a life-threatening TikTok challenge for kids

USA: Mum shocked – Alexa from Amazon suggests 10-year-old’s TikTok challenge


December 30, 2021-9: 59 hour

Massachusetts: 10-year-old wanted to exercise, suggests Alexa Penny Challenge

Alexa, that wasn’t the kind of ‘challenge’ we intended. Since Kristen’s daughter actually only wanted to do some supervised exercise, Amazon Alexa is instead said to have suggested a life-threatening challenge for the 10-year-old. Kristen Livdahl is horrified and has now announced the case.

Amazon explains: Alexa has been updated

Kristen Livdahl shared a screenshot of the risky recommendation on Twitter last Sunday. The digital assistant is said to have suggested the following to her daughter: “Plug the cell phone’s power pack into the socket and then insert a coin into the open USB slot.”

The so-called “Penny Challenge” has been circulating on TikTok for about a year and can be life-threatening as electricity flows naturally through this point. Inserting a coin can cause sparks and, at worst, even cause a fire. The Yorkshire Fire Brigade (USA) had urgently warned of this challenge: “One can lose one’s fingers, hands and arms,” ​​according to The Press.

Over 15,000 people have responded to Kristen Livdahl’s tweet so far. Amazon has already said, “When we detected this error, we acted immediately to correct the error,” Alexa has been updated to prevent the voice assistant from recommending such dangerous things again in the future. (mca)