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USA midterm elections – Democrats are starting to catch up in the polls

Because of the hard-line Biden and anti-abortion extremists

Trump’s party still has to shudder before the election

The US midterm elections will be held in November. So far, political scientists have predicted a Republican victory. But now the winds are starting to turn — for Joe Biden and against Donald Trump.


For former US President Donald Trump, the midterms are likely to be tougher than originally expected.

What is happening in the United States now? US President Joe Biden (79 years old), who looks very cute, suddenly stretches his claws. The Democrat rebuked Republicans a week ago, “Donald Trump and the Republicans embody the extremism that threatens the foundations of our republic.”

And in Alaska, which has been dominated by Republicans for decades, Mary Biltola (49) defeated Trump’s girlfriend and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (58) in the House by-election. The Democrats also performed surprisingly well in five other by-elections.