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USA: Ida mainly causes damage to infrastructure

Severe imbalance: Louisiana power outages almost everywhere (Photo: Energy)Severe imbalance: Louisiana power outages almost everywhere (Photo: Energy)

In terms of the number of human casualties, the state of Louisiana has come in relatively light. The latest news talks about four IDA-related deaths – not much is known compared to the more than 1,500 lives killed by Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago. Apparently, the billions that have since been invested in flood protection and other precautionary measures have had at least some effect. After all, NASA described Ida as the fifth strongest storm ever to hit the U.S. coast.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the infrastructure was, is and will be the heel of Achilles of the United States in the region of the Gulf of Mexico. According to media reports, the power grid will take only six weeks to repair – the affected petrochemical plants will fail for almost a long time. Only a few, such as ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, can be heard to be about to start production again. However, this should take at least two weeks – among other things, the staff could not be contacted due to a power outage, which also affects cellular networks.