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USA: Heat wave is expected in the west of the country

Tens of thousands of people in the West United States Getting ready for a record heat wave this week. Temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius are expected in some regions, according to the US Meteorological Service NWS.

The heat wave should last at least until the weekend. It covers an area California To Wyoming And from the Northern State Idaho To Arizona In the south. Authorities warned about 50 million citizens »Unlimited« Heat.

The temperature in the affected region is ten degrees Celsius above the seasonal average. The city of Phoenix, Arizona, recorded a low of about 46 degrees Celsius on Monday. According to forecasts, it could reach around 47.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the week. At night the temperature drops to about 30 degrees Celsius. More inside Las Vegas In the neighboring state Nevada The previous 1940 temperature was recorded at 47 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

Meanwhile local authorities »Refrigeration stations« Set up for people without access to air-conditioned rooms. Influencers are advised about the dangers of exposure heat to pets on online networks. The current temperature is abnormal, »Dangerous and deadly«Officials said.

They fear the heat will also cause life-threatening wildfires, which will be exacerbated by continued drought in the region. About 88 percent of the affected areas, including the state of California Oregon, Utah And according to US government studies, Nevada is in a state of drought.

West United States Last year was particularly affected by fires caused by prolonged drought due to climate change. Dozens of people died in California alone, and about 17,000 square kilometers were burned.