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USA: Grizzly kills father of four – News Abroad

USA: Grizzly kills father of four – News Abroad

One person has been killed by a grizzly bear in the United States. Several media outlets have reported on this.

Accordingly, Craig Clutrey († 40) went hiking with a friend in the state of Montana. The friends parted, and the father of four children did not appear at the agreed meeting. Thus, the acquaintances informed the police.

Authorities searched the area near the famous Yellowstone National Park, and a helicopter was used. On Thursday, paramedics finally found the body of a 40-year-old man.

Torn from the circle of his loved ones: Craig Clutrey leaves a wife and four childrenPhoto: gofoundme

Park County Sheriff Brad Fischer wrote in a statement, “After an extensive search this morning, we found Greece, who appears to have met with a Grizzly, but unfortunately did not survive.

Craig Clouatre leaves behind a wife and four children. A friend started a fundraising campaign. “Gofundme” has already raised nearly $ 60,000 (Associated with about 55,000 euros).

Especially the tragedy: in a house fire two years ago, the family had already lost all of their possessions. Jamie Clouatre is now mourning the loss of her husband, who is raising four children as orphans.

Chrysalis can weigh up to 700 kilograms

Chrysalis can weigh up to 700 kg (logo)Photo: Getty Images

The widow wrote heartfelt words on Facebook. “I am grateful for every reminder of the most wonderful person I have ever met: my husband. I loved him with every strand of mine. His loss is a struggle that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Grizzly bears live in North America and weigh up to 700 kilograms. According to a newspaper report, Chris Lice around Yellowstone National Park has killed at least eight people since 2010. More than 700 animals live in the area.

Craig Cloutre often went hiking in the mountains and knew his stuff. A family friend said: “Of all the people I knew, of all the people I could not believe he would die in the wilderness. He was the strongest and most intelligent.