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USA: Edwin Castro allegedly stole Arsenal ticket

USA: Edwin Castro allegedly stole Arsenal ticket

United States of America

Edwin (30) wins $2 billion, then brings the bailiffs

Edwin Castro, 30, hit the historic $2 billion Powerball jackpot last year. Now he is being sued for stealing the ticket.


Powerball winner Edwin Castro’s $25 million mansion.


  • At the end of last year, Edwin Castro guessed all the right numbers in Powerball.

  • The 30-year-old won $2.04 billion.

  • Now Jose Rivera claims to be the rightful owner of the winning ticket and is suing Castro for it.

Edwin Castro took the Powerball staggering $2 billion (about 1.8 billion francs) in November 2022. Then he bought himself in March within a month Two luxury properties. The now 30-year-old had an unpleasant visit to the most expensive estate in the Hollywood Hills (worth around $25.5 million).

Two bailiffs visited Castro in late April. They presented him with legal documents accusing him of stealing the winning ticket. According to the New York Post, the plaintiff is Jose Rivera. He claims that he bought the ticket and that it was stolen from him shortly thereafter. The man who took over “Reggie”, later known as Urachi F. Romero, is also charged. It is said that “Reggie” got the ticket on the day of purchase.

“I did not allow myself to be blackmailed”

According to the New York Post, what was not written in the lawsuit were the circumstances of the alleged theft. About how the ticket is said to have arrived from Romero to Castro later. Romero allegedly refused to comply with Rivera’s request to return the ticket, instead claiming he lost it.

However, he offered to share the profits if he ever found the ticket again. Rivera claims he “did not allow himself to be extorted” and reported the alleged theft to the commission and law enforcement authorities.

Edwin Castro won $2.04 billion playing Powerball in 2022.

New York Post screenshot.

According to the plaintiff, point-of-purchase surveillance footage could show that he the rightful owner From the historical piece. “In hopes of a speedy resolution of this matter, our client Jose Rivera is once again asking the Lottery to submit any videos showing prize purchase for our review,” Rivera’s attorney said in a letter sent by the California Lottery.

The salesmen and the lottery stand behind Edwin Castro

British news portal The Sun spoke to the owner of the Go service center where the ticket was purchased. “I knew the guy before he won, he’d come every morning to buy coffee and cake and tickets – and then he suddenly disappeared,” says Joe Shaheed. Talk about Edwin Castro. Shahid initially thought the man was angry at him for some reason or because something else had happened. “But then someone told me he had won money.”

Meanwhile, the lottery says it supports Edwin Castro. “The California Lottery remains confident that Edwin Castro is the legitimate winner of the $2.04 billion prize from the November 2022 drawing.”

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