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USA - Biden signed the budget bill

USA – Biden signed the budget bill

US President Joe Biden has signed a temporary budget into effect, preventing the government from running out of money starting this weekend. Previously, the funding had only been approved by Congress until Friday. With the law signed on Friday evening (local time), government business will now be funded through Tuesday.

Until then, Biden also wants to implement the budget passed by the Senate on Thursday for the remainder of the fiscal year. This budget law of more than 2,000 pages provides for a spending volume of about 1.5 trillion US dollars (1.36 trillion euros), including 13.6 billion dollars in humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. The budget will be implemented until the end of September after Biden signs it.

Without a valid budget passed by Congress, government business in the United States is partially halted, the so-called shutdown. When this happens, state employees sometimes have to be placed on involuntary leave or work temporarily without pay. Depending on the length of the outage, some government services may also be restricted or payments delayed.