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USA: Basketball coach’s school fires – his team won very high

Connecticut, USA
School suspends girls basketball coach – because their win is too high

In the first half, the sharks of the Sacred Heart Academy were said to have advanced by 56:0 points (avatar)

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Because his team outpaced the entire opposing team by 88 points, a Catholic school in the United States dismissed the coach. Such a victory goes against their values.

At the end of the confrontation between two Connecticut girls’ school basketball teams, the scoreboard announced a devastating result: The Sharks of the Sacred Heart Academy of Hamden beat their opponents from Wallingford by 92 to four points.

What could be cause for celebration for some and cause for teeth grinding for others, had disastrous consequences. Because such a display by a sports opponent did not match the “values ​​and philosophies” of the victorious high school, the school administration suspended the coach for a year. This was reported by many American media.

This is a warning sign.

The sharks exerted heavy pressure all over the field, subtly defended, and fell one by one, The New York Times writes. The Roman Catholic Academy of the Sacred Heart basketball team had already led 56-0 in the first half. By the final quarter of the match, their opponents from Lyman Hall High School had yet to score a single point. “They showed no mercy throughout the match,” the defeated coach later told local media.

And the management of the winners’ school had officially apologized, on Monday evening, for the way “the result of the match was achieved.” As a final result, the team coach has to vacate his position – for at least a year. This was confirmed by the president of the Southern Connecticut Conference, Al Carbone, according to “The New York Times.” The 47-year-old made his team one of the best in the state and led to the second division championship last year.

“This is a warning sign,” Carbone said of the result on Thursday. It’s not about a difference of 88 points, but how this defeat affects the students. However, the school is responsible for the suspension – there is no “grace rule” in the league.

Winning shouldn’t be everything

Sister Sheila O’Neill, president of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, said in a Thursday statement: “The Academy of the Sacred Heart values ​​the lessons taught and developed through participation in sport, including ethical and responsible behaviour, leadership, strength of character and respect for opponents. Yesterday’s girls’ basketball game. Against Lyman Hall High School is not in line with our values ​​and philosophies.”

According to the New York Times, this isn’t the first time a discussion about the boundaries between performance and sportsmanship has erupted over a clear outcome in school sports. The Hartford Courant was said to have praised the school management’s decision. The players’ skills are ‘undeniable’. But in the end, “the game should serve as a model for adults and students alike, that winning is not everything.”

The two teams will meet again on January 28. Then maybe with a tougher result.

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