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USA: Alessandro Lupino (KTM) on a cruise / US. Motocross 450

At the start of the season, the prestigious American Motocross Championship 2021 will receive a colorful look from the European Grand Prix scene: MRT driver Alessandro Lupino.

The AMA Pro Motocross Championship – also known as the Outdoor Series – kicks off on May 29 on the slopes of Bala, California, south of Riverside. There are currently 12 events planned in the United States. The final is set for September 11 in Hangdown, California.

Three-time champion Eli Tomak, who topped the list again this year, was recently confirmed out of Kawasaki. John Tomak, the son of the mountain bike icon, is set to go with Yamaha in 2022, with official confirmation still pending. German Ken Roxanne (27) is one of the favorites with his factory Honda.

Along with Alessandro Lupino, a new European delegate will attend the second meeting in Palau, Thunder Valley, Colorado. The 30-year-old Italian is best friend of KTM superstar Tony Cairoli and will be attending an AMA event for the first time. As things stand now, the World Cup season in Europe will not start until June 13 in Orlyonok, Russia.

Lupino, who is with “Fiam de Oro”, so comparable to a police athlete, switched to the MRT KTM team this season and is doing well on the bike. Lupino recently showed strong performance, and in the first round of the Italian Prestige Series in Montevorchi he overtook the new addition to Yamaha Works team Glenn Goldenhof.