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US urges chip supplier ASML to curb exports to China

US urges chip supplier ASML to curb exports to China

The issue came up when U.S. Commerce Assistant Secretary Dan Graves visited the Netherlands and Belgium in late May and early June to discuss the issue of supply chains. During the trip, Graves also visited ASML’s headquarters in Veldhoven and met CEO Peter Wenning.

The restriction proposed by Washington would extend an existing ban on the sale of highly advanced manufacturing systems to China. The People’s Republic aims to become a world leader in chip manufacturing. The Dutch government has yet to agree to additional export restrictions for ASML in relation to Chinese chipmakers, the people said.

The US Commerce Department and the Dutch Foreign Ministry declined to comment. An ASML spokesperson insisted the debate was not new. “No decision has been taken yet and we don’t want to speculate or comment on rumours,” he said. ASML is the world’s leading manufacturer of lithography systems, which are essential for critical steps in chip manufacturing.